Yoga Therapy and Pranayama

Yoga Therapy & Pranayama

Yoga as therapy is the use of yoga asana, pranayama and meditation techniques. Yoga Therapy is rejuvenating and healing for mind and body. Yoga therapy is for people who are suffering from chronic pains, headaches, insomnia, fatigue, burn-out and seeking to relax and balance. Yoga therapy is ideal for beginners, young and old age, new-mothers because it covers a therapeutic and wholesome fitness and wellbeing. 

Yoga Therapy & Pranayama Course

 Starts – 07 February | Fridays 18:15 – 19:30

all Levels + Beginners friendly

(Limited Places)

How Yoga Therapy and Pranayama Course Helps you?

Yoga and Pranayama Therapy Heidelberg


The course covers important set of yoga asana to induce flexibility and deeper relaxation in you. Yoga asana also helps to strengthen your muscles, tissues and increase your sense of balance. 

Yoga Therapy Course


The therapeutic approach combines breathing and asana techniques that especially train your pelvic muscle, lower back, neck, legs and helps to release tension in muscles and joints. 

Yoga Therapy Course Heidelberg


Breath-Work (Pranayama) is to expand the vital force by breathing techniques. A systematic breath-work rejuvenate nervous system, brings a sense of balance and increased energy in mind and body. 

Why Choose Yoga Therapy?

Yoga Therapy Hormone Heidelberg

Your health and wellbeing is all about the balance of your mind and body that is regulated by the breath. Rest just follow the lead, either positive or negative. Yoga Therapy is the method to bring the balance back to normal. – Manoj

  • Digestion – Various asana massage abdominal area and correct breathing techniques helps strengthens the metabolism to improve digestion and remove constipation.
  • Stress reduction – The busy lifestyle, work and personal commitments take a toll on our mental equilibrium. Yoga therapy helps to reduce the stress that we first store in our muscles, joints and engaging the mind in present to be free. 
  • Back Pain – Most common yet most severe problem in a modern lifestyle and work-related injury. Sitting is also known as “the new smoking.” Sometimes, standing office is considered as an alternative – but that negatively affect the knees and hips yoga therapy is the most effective method to strengthen the lower back muscle and spine connecting tissue to remove chronic back pain and also improve posture.
  • Chronic Headache – Headache is the most common problem today. Due to lack of sleep, lack of relaxing and short breathing this problem sustain. Pain-killers only add negative side effect and does not remove the problem. Yoga Therapy with Breath-work release headache for good.
  • Insomnia – Sometimes people find it difficult to relax and let go during the evening time. This anxiety is built up due to the non-effective nervous system. Yoga Therapy helps to rejuvenate the nervous system and relaxes that helps in deep and restful sleep. 
  • Relax & Focus – One can not be the focus without relaxing and poised. Yoga Therapy helps to relax the muscle, breathwork helps to relax the mind hence easier to guide the focus and awareness to our work, creativity and productivity.
  • Hormone Balance – Yoga Therapy promotes HGH (Human growth hormone) and hormone production of the endocrine glands of women: ovaries, men/ women – thyroid, pituitary gland and adrenals with yoga asana, breath-work and yoga Nidra (Yogic sleep).
Yoga Therapy Heidelberg

 As a preventative and rejuvenating, Yoga Therapy is highly recommended for people who are seeking to improve their wellbeing. Yoga Therapy is most suitable for people who are new to Yoga, new-mothers and people who are recovering from injury, surgery or an emotional trauma. 

Should you have any question, please message me, I will be happy to help you.