It is my utmost desire to share my positive energy with the people I come in contact with, giving as much as I can, being selfless and authentic.

Manoj from Yoga Shala Heidelberg

I am privileged born in a tradition-rich Hindu family. From the childhood, I was surrounded by yoga, rituals and ceremonies. Those days, I loved sitting quietly with eyes closed for hours. Later years, I was interested in asana practice and used to imitate the asana from my grandfather’s yoga books.

At the age of 9 I was initiated in the sciences of Yoga. I am blessed by exceptional Yogi masters, I absorbed the ancient philosophies and Yoga practice for more than12 years.

In the midst of academic competition, the practice of Yoga was not a priority. I studied Engineering and later arrived in Germany for higher studies. Working as an IT Engineer for 5 taught me that this is not an ideal life for me. Soon after I left my well-paid job, Yoga re-discovered me. 

Visiting a few Yoga rooms/ studios in Heidelberg, inspired me to share my knowledge in a traditional and authentic way because people are seeking more than just fitness. 

I started Outdoor Yoga  in Heidelberg in 2016. People started to join, encouraged me to keep on teaching. I am grateful to the Tibetan Buddhist Meditation Centre for supporting me to open Yoga Shala Heidelberg at their Location. At Yoga Shala, I teach authentic methods of Yoga. Our regular classes including Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, Hatha Yoga and Prana Yoga are helping people to re-gain their health and motivation of life. 

I am a people’s person. I love writing, speaking and cooking. Being a father of 2 yr old loving boy, a husband and a faithful friend, I am truly blessed.

My goal is to give the gift of Yoga to the people who are open-minded, silent seekers and kind-hearted. With my yogic teaching you will bring fullness to your professional and personal life.

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