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Prana Flow Yoga - Yoga with Mindful Breathing

Prana Flow Yoga is a Yoga method with a controlled breath. A flow of Hatha Yoga Asana with controlled and prolonged breath in every movement. It is an ancient Himalayan Yoga system to increase vital energy in the body by combining Asana and Pranayama

Slow and flowing asana with rhythmic  breathing increases the focus. Prana Yoga is suitable for beginners as well.

Prana Flow Yoga class

Small Group | English Instructions | Authentic method

Termin: Fridays 17:45 – 19:15 

Address: Friedensstrasse 20, 69121Heidelberg 

Details: 90 mins class. Also ideal for beginners. Drop-in €18,- | 8er ticket card €130,- 

Quick info: Prana Flow Yoga

Prana Flow Yoga – Yoga with breath control is a powerful and rewarding method. Prana Yoga increases body and mental stamina. Vital life force energy increases.

Benefits of Prana Flow Yoga

  • Physical: Body balances. Flexibility and strength increased. Stiffness and back-pain vanish.
  • Mental: Deep controlled breathing impacts the psyche positively. Calmness and focus increase. Your memory sharpen and Increased awareness.

Fatigue related to your work, feeling too tired and lack of willpower and strength – You try Prana Yoga to experience positive effects in your life. You are welcome to drop in: Friday 17:45 – 19:15 @ Yoga Shala – Friedensstrasse 20, 69121 Heidelberg

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