Corona Fear – A Story to Inspire You.

The Fear of Virus - How to Live a Fearless Life

I was shocked and surprised, one of my Personal Yoga Training client cancelled our appointment because she was traveling in Italy and was concerned and polite that she wanted to postpone our appointment – Just in case! This was last week Monday, since then Corona Virus Fear expanding massively in Germany. Yesterday, I went to […]


Kinder Yoga Heidelberg

young starsdo yoga Yoga forKids Program for Your Kid Useful Yoga Programs for 5+ kids Your Big Why Reputed research and scientific studies showing that yoga helps children to be stress-free, calmer and concentrate better. Their overall experience improves and generally happiness increase. This is your big why we offer the kinder yoga programs. Because […]

Mysore Style

Mysore Ashtanga Yoga Heidelberg | Yoga Shala Heidelberg

Traditional Ashtanga Yoga MysoreStyle Sign Up Here self-paced traditional yoga method Mysore Style – Ashtanga Yoga Ashtanga Yoga must be taught in small groups in the traditional one-on-one teaching style. We at True Yoga take care of it for you. This is an authentic yoga style for people who understand how yoga can be their […]

Your Immune System and Yoga

online Yoga Therapy Class

What is immunity?  Immunity is the body’s ability to avoid infection, disease, and other unwanted biological invasions by resisting harmful microorganisms or viruses. We have different types of immunity. Innate immunity:  Innate immunity is used to describe our body’s barriers to infection. These include our skin, tears, saliva and mucus, acid in our stomachs and […]

Yoga is Your #1 Tool to Cope with Coronavirus Anxiety and Fear

coronavirus anxiety coping with yoga

As the situation of COVID-19 is ascending worldwide and in Germany, people are becoming more aware and serious and anxious. Our Yoga Studio in Heidelberg, Yoga Shala is closed for a duration of 5 weeks. However, the Yoga Classes are now available online to our students – Daily till 22 March 2020. Be more conscious […]

Outdoor Yoga – 5 Things to Expect in 2019

Outdoor Yoga 2019

Outdoor Yoga is a positive trend. Looking at social media and YouTube, you will find people enjoying Yoga at amazing and inspiring locations around the world.  People who experienced Outdoor Yoga will tell you how uplifting they felt and they can not wait to start doing it again this year. In this blog post, I would like […]