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Vinyasa Yoga Flow Class

In simple words – Vinyasa Yoga is all about freedom of mind, body and spirit. Vinyasa Yoga is a conscious breathing practice in a flow of asana that connects mind, body and experiencing harmony with-in. 

You flow through one asana (yoga pose) to next connecting with smooth and deep breathing. The sequence of Yoga asana is learned with modifications to suit your level and joined together in a continual vinyasa – Ideal yoga for beginners and people who are coming back to yoga after child-birth and also for people who want to dive deep to establish the foundation for ashtanga yoga practice.

Vinyasa Yoga Class

Vinyasa Yoga is suitable for absolute beginners to people with some yoga experience. New mothers also benefit from this yoga class to gain fitness, core, pelvic strength and relaxation.

Wednesday – 18:15 – 19:30 – Vinyasa Yoga – All Levels + Beginners


The 5 Powerful aspects of Vinyasa Yoga

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  • Breath – Steady, complete and mindful breathing during the entire practice that links every asana (pose) to the next and works as a connecting thread between mind and body.
  • Strength and Flexibility – Asana and movement slowly dissolve tension and stress stored in the body, internal organs also massage which opens the body and builds strength, responsiveness and flexibility.
  • Heat – Muscles and connective tissues become supple and more fluid, circulation is enhanced. Increased body heat dissolves the excessive fat and flushes toxins out.
  • Flow and Gaze – The graceful flow and link between each asana let your awareness turn in-wards in a state of flow. Eyes softly focus on a specific point during vinyasa yoga that controls distraction and leads to concentration.
  • Core and Pelvic Training – Without engaging the lower part of the body one can not gain composed balance. Vinyasa Yoga uses ‘Bandha’ – Mool Bandha  (root lock – urogenital and rectum diaphragm and pelvic floor training that increases prana (vital energy), sexual health and stability of the body.  

Vinyasa Yoga is a practice for people looking more dynamic form of yoga, beginners and people with experience in Hatha Yoga and who want to gain fitness – this modern form of yoga is to rejuvenate your mind-body. Beginners who just want to try or want to dig deep into yoga should start here.

“vina vinyasayogaegena asanadin n karayet” – Vamana Rishi

Oh Yogi, Do Not Practice Yoga Without Vinyasa.
— Vamana Rishi

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