True Yoga Heidelberg

At True Yoga you are guaranteed top class yoga experience. Our price options are with simple terms and easy to choose.

Your personal yoga is curated just for you. We work together to build your yoga practice that has a goal and framework – in traditional and methodological ways.

For group classes, you can choose from subscription plans – risk-free and flexible. So that you can pause or cancel anytime with a prior notice – without any questions asked.

Courses are offered with pass options which are simple and straight forward.

We teach in small groups in a class and courses, it means you get hands-on support and high quality guidance in your yoga journey.  If you are new or just curious and do not want to over-commit – You are welcome to drop-in to try True Yoga.


Price Overview

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NOTE: Above is a price overview for a quick glance. For review and payments please scroll below.Please note that subscription plans can be booked with one-time membership fees, that offers you exclusive benefits from true yoga. Any questions - Please call us.