Pregnancy Yoga Heidelberg

Holistic Yoga Course for to-be Mothers like You

Firstly heartfelt congratulations to you. It is the most important time of your life – a true milestone.

You will see how this course will support you, having a joyful and healthy pregnancy.

Why this course? Because, you will learn the ancient therapeutic yogic methods, that click with all-stages of your pregnancy.

How we do it? – You will be supported to natural and systematic way of yoga. Move the body mindfully with deep-breathing, developing an ability to strengthen the pelvic. You will learn joyful meditation, helping to connect deep with-in. With your baby in the belly. 

We are non-dogmatic, progressive yet rooted in ancient wisdom. 

You get personal attention and quality guidance with us. We honour your privacy, truly respectful. We feel happy giving you with the best Pregnancy Yoga in Heidelberg. 

We look forward getting in touch with you soon.

Why We are Different

You will not find it anywhere else -male pregnancy yoga expert from India. Helped more than 150 happy new-mothers by now, and being in-touch with most of them.

People notice us as truthful, honest and trustworthy. We listen to understand your needs. Qualified not just with certification, but with intensive professional and hands-on experience. 

This rare combination make us stand apart from any yoga studio and yoga teachers.

P.S. Don’t just believe our claims! See what our new-mothers are saying… 

Most trusted and #1 reviewed Yoga in Heidelberg, Germany.

5/5 Ratings

Overall rating based on more than 115 reviews on Google and Facebook & 35 independent reviews via feedback survey and emails. 

*Highest average 5 star rating in Germany.

Overall Experience 98%
Teaching Quality 100%
Atmosphere 99%
Price 96%


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Group Pregnancy Course

Personalised Group Pregnancy Yoga Courses

(55 reviews)

10.09.2020 – 08.10.2020 – 18:15 – 19:30 (4 spots)

22.10.2020 – 19.11.2020  – 18:15 – 19:30 (6 spots)

Prenatal Personal Yoga

1 on 1 Sessions

Your Exclusive 1 on 1 Private Pregnancy Yoga

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Lutherstraße 71, Neuenheim Heidelberg



How to have a Joyful Pregnancy?

Tools and Practices for a happy pregnancy and beyond

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A small group highly personalised pregnancy yoga workshop for to-be-mothers.

Limited Spots.

Course Location

Easy in your reach by car, bicycle, walk or tram (Kapellenweg). We are located at the EG floor at Elternschule KH Salem. Our course space is clean, bright and private.


Zeppelinstrasse 11-33

69121, Heidelberg



Phone: +49163 9761 399

What to expect?

Your attitude or intention is vital. This sets the tone for what you receive from Pregnancy Yoga. If you have practiced yoga before, or new to yoga – you will see how this yoga course is tailored for pregnancy. Highly beneficial to you and your growing baby.  

Frequently, women at our courses find that – doing yoga postures increases circulation, flexibility, stamina and balance. Many feels more relaxed and peaceful after practicing. Many also find that prenatal yoga course is a way to connect with-in, and with their baby. 

Pregnancy Yoga Heidelberg


"People love people who cares for them."

Give your loved ones a present of yoga.
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pregnancy yoga heidelberg

Benefits of Pregnancy Yoga

Research suggests that prenatal yoga can improve sleep, relieve lower back pain, reduce nausea, headaches and shortness of breath and pregnancy-induced hypertension. Deep breathing and meditation helps woman to prepare for a peaceful and natural birth. It develops self-confidence and trust. Feels comfortable with a changing body and wavering emotions. You can get a helpful and complete info about pregnancy yoga in my blog post. 

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