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Yoga Für Schwangere | Pregnancy Yoga Heidelberg

Prenatal / Pregnancy Yoga can help you soften and yield to the monumental process that is happening within you. Yoga can impart a deep sense of tranquility and comfort through the progression of your pregnancy. Each trimester is different to each woman. One of the blessing of yoga is learning how to tune in and bring awareness to the changing states of your body, breath, and mind.

Pregnant mothers also book personal training for short and intensive course 1 on 1. You can read detailed info below:

Pregnancy Yoga in Heidelberg


Yoga Für Schwangere

8 Week Pregnancy Yoga Course that is suitable for yoga beginners as well.

Only 8 places available per course.

Krankenhaus Salem

Zeppelinstraße 11-33, 69121 Heidelberg

Termin: Thursdays – 18:15 – 19:30

What to expect?

Your attitude or intention as a yogini is vital and sets the tone for what you receive from Pregnancy Yoga class/ course. If you have practiced yoga before or new to yoga, you will see how aspects of yoga are tailored for pregnancy those are beneficial to you and your growing baby.  

Frequently, women at my courses find that doing yoga postures increases circulation, flexibility, stamina and balance. Many feels more relaxed and peaceful after practicing. Many pregnant women also find that yoga is a way to connect with their baby. 

My Prenatal/ Pregnancy Yoga classes are conclusion of following aspects: 

Poses (Asana)Movement + Breathing Exercise + Sound Exercise + Meditation


Benefits of Pregnancy Yoga

Research suggests that prenatal yoga can improve sleep, relieve lower back pain, reduce nausea, headaches and shortness of breath and pregnancy-induced hypertension. Deep breathing and meditation helps woman to prepare for a peaceful and natural birth. It develops self-confidence and trust. Feels comfortable with a changing body and wavering emotions. You can get a helpful and complete info about pregnancy yoga in my blog post. 

 A group Prenatal / Pregnancy Yoga course is is more affordable and and a wonderful way to connect with other like-minded pregnant women. I offer two courses – Wednesdays and Thursdays (see above)- You are welcome to sign-up and let Yoga be the part of your journey in pregnancy.

Do you have a question or need any advice, simply send a message in your language (English / Deutsch). I will be happy to help 🙂

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