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Yoga Für Schwangere | Pregnancy Yoga Personal Course

Pregnancy is one important phase of your life. Sometimes simple complexities, state of health or your busy schedule keep you occupied. A Personal yoga course in pregnancy can help improving your health and influence the wellbeing of your child. This course is exclusively designed to fit your capability and expectations for a healthy pregnancy and smoother child-birth.


Free – 20 mins consultation upon appointment

€75,- per session 75 mins

10% off for 5 Sessions | 15% off for 8 Sessions

Benefits of Personal Lessons in Pregnancy

Personalised Program

Fits Your Schedule

At Yoga Praxis or Your Location

Support your Progress

What to expect?


Your attitude or intention is vital and sets the tone for what you receive from Pregnancy Yoga personal lessons. If you have practiced yoga before or new to yoga, you will see how all aspects of yoga are tailored for you and beneficial to you and your growing baby. 

Pregnant mothers find that doing yoga increases blood circulation, flexibility, stamina and balance. You will feels more energised, relaxed and peaceful after practicing. Many pregnant women also find that yoga is a way to connect with their baby through deep breathing and meditation. 

Poses (Asana)Movement + Breathing Exercise + Sound Exercise + Meditation

What includes in Pregnancy Yoga Personal Course?

We plan a mixed-method/ specific program that supports your physical and emotional constitution. You will learn the special asana, breathing and meditation specific to pregnancy. This practices positively impact your wellbeing and aid you attain your health and wellbeing for your child.

Yoga Asana

Asana (yoga poses) that fits your body and level of fitness. Along with asana, you get the core, back, stability, flexibility and strength. Using internal locks that help to bring pelvic control and hormone balance.


Breathing exercises - specific controlled and deep breathing which tremendous benefits for removing stress and anxiety in pregnancy. It also strengthens the nervous system and promotes vital energy prana.

Energy Work

"Where the mind goes, energy flows." Guiding the vital energy - Prana or Chi through body is a discipline that very rare teacher could teach. Energy work heals the body, clear negative energy and emotions and strengthens ora.


There are 112 defined meditation methods in ancient scripture - Vigyan Bhairava. You will practice a particular Meditation for pregnancy that brings harmony and balance of energy between you and your growing chid.

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