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A traditional method of learning and benefitting from yoga that suits your time, ability and needs. You get an exclusive plan of yoga with the full focus of the teacher and privacy. Personal Yoga in restorative, energising and healing using the elements of asana (a combination of yoga-poses), pranayama (specific breathing exercises that rejuvenate nervous system) and meditation that is suitable for your temperament.


Free – 20 mins consultation on the phone or in-person

€60,- per hour per person

€ 75,- for 75 mins personal yoga per person

€ 90,- for 90 mins training per person

10% off for more than 5 appointment.

Benefits of Personal Yoga Training

Personalised Program

Fits Your Schedule

At Yoga Praxis or Your Location

Support your Progress

A message for you from Manoj


Thank you for your interest in Personal Yoga Training. An important decision – investing in your health and wellbeing. I will help you to establish a plan with you and teach in a simple German, English and Sanskrit, which easy to follow and understand. 

Many of my private yoga training clients gained confidence and migrate into one of my group yoga class. Many prefer personal training and follow their exclusive plan and many recommend my services to their friends, family and colleagues. 

I live the tradition of Yoga in my daily life and expertise in Yoga Therapy and  Ayurveda. Trained in a traditional Indian manner for over 12 years, I have lots to share with you. It gives me great pleasure to support you in your journey for better health and well-being. – Manoj

What includes in Personal Yoga?

We plan a mixed-method/ specific program that supports your physical and emotional constitution. You will learn the secrets of yoga and discover how yoga and its practices positively impact your wellbeing and aid you attain your health and harmony.

Yoga Asana

Asana (yoga poses) that fits your body and level of fitness. Along with asana, you get the core, back, stability, flexibility and strength. Using internal locks that help to bring youthfulness and re-gaining inner confidence.

Breath Work

Pranayama (breathing exercises) - controlled and deep breathing has tremendous benefits for removing stress and anxiety. Pranayama strengthens the nervous system and promotes Prana (vital energy/ chi).

Energy Work

"Where the mind goes, energy flows." Guiding the vital energy - Prana or Chi through body is a discipline that very rare teacher could teach. Energy work heals the body, clear negative energy and emotions and strengthens ora.


There are 112 defined meditation methods in ancient scripture - Vigyan Bhairava. You will practice a particular Meditation that supports your nature and effortless to practice and experience true peace with-in.

Call for questions and consultation : +49 163 9761 399

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