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You are different and we understand this. This is why you get a unique yoga plan – suitable for your body and mind.

You will discover your abilities beyond your current state of mind. You will learn the skills and tools to reduce stress, manage your thoughts and emotions. The results are guaranteed – Improved  energy level, mindfulness and a better fitness.

Because, you will get a personal training in Yoga and its ancient methods to get balance, focus and increased happiness in your life.

Unlike other trainings, Yoga is easy to learn, progressive, injury-free and best for your mind-body excellence.
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The proven method

Why Private Yoga?

Because, Yoga not only get you fit, but brings calmness, which stay with you.

You get an exclusive plan – a combination of yoga postures for stability, strength and balance. Breath-work to give you calmness, and a sense of connection with your body. Mindfulness to connect with the infinite peace within.

As you get comfortable, the training will progress. You experience the deeper states of well-being and increased vitality every day.

Yoga is a time-tested and proven method to get rid of pains, stiffness, anxiety and stress from your life. It means you can progress in your life, enjoy more and be happy.

You will tap into your inner happiness with a firm sense of confidence and your presence of mind. I will be your guide and I assure that, you success in your journey of self-actualization.

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Why Us?

Because, we do not give you personal training. We give you a personal experience – and it stay with you, always.

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“Most trusted and #1 reviewed Yoga in Heidelberg, Germany.”

Overall rating based on more than 125 reviews* on Google and Facebook & 35 independent reviews via feedback survey and emails. 

*Highest average 5 star rating yoga in Germany.

Feel free to give Manoj a call.

He will listen to you, and advice a suitable private yoga plan for you.

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Personal Courses

You are different, so why your personal training is the same?

You are unique and your body mind demands and expectations are also unique. This is as true in today’s prospective as it was true in ancient times. Take a look at our well-structured and exclusive courses that will help you get started right away. 

You will learn how to meditate – without headphone, without music. Simply observing your breathing with closed eyes.

Does that sound simple to you? 

Let me tell you, this course will potentially change the way how you deal with your emotions, feelings and your life for good. 

How often you observe that you are breathing? Your breath is the gateway to unlock and expand your energies. 

Did you know that? 

In this course, you learn yoga breathing techniques to stimulate your nervous system, feel deeply relaxed and energised. 

Do you know that your muscles store stress? This blocks the nerve current flowing and promote inflammation and pain.

Sound familiar? 

This course will help you learn important yoga asana. It will help you release the stiffness, bring fluidity in your body. 

The WOW effects can only be experienced by yourself only. 

Did you know that stress and anxiety are interrelated.

Your only way out from the circle of stress and anxiety is through a stress reduction yoga therapy. 

You feel calm, relaxed and much happier. Your immunity improve and your sense of self confidence surge.

I am sure you know that fitness is not only limited to the body. 

This course offers to you a holistic fitness for your body, mind and soul. You will look fit, feel better and radiate confidence. 

Invest in this course and see the results by yourself – Results Guaranteed!

Are you becoming a mother or already have your baby?

This specific course is design to support you as a new-mother. 

If you are pregnant, you will learn yoga method to support your healthy pregnancy and techniques to help you in a smooth child-birth.

If post-natal – you are at the right place because this course will train you to get your fitness level back. You will be relaxed and energised – this will reflect in your child as well. You will feel energetic, confident and happier. 

Contact directly for more info and 20 mins free appointment. 


Good to know


It is always a good idea to know something than nothing. Below our frequently asked questions will help you more.

This is one of the most common asked question.

Because, Personal yoga helps you to gain fullest benefits of yoga and its therapeutic elements. An intensive and sublime way of getting fit – physically, mentally, emotionally and energetically.

In contrast, a group lesson is for everyone, but a personal yoga is specially curated for you. This is truly game-changing and a priceless experience.

Moreover, traditionally, yoga is taught 1 on 1 – teacher to a student based on their temperament, energy levels and currently physical and emotional limits.

The answer is not a one-liner. But, I can assure you that once you take your first session – you will have a definite clarity.

Sometimes, people take private yoga once in every 2 weeks and sign-up for a regular group course/ class.

Most often people begin with their first session and eagerly want to continue 1:1 yoga – twice a week or at least once a week.

I always recommend people to start their yoga journey with a private yoga session. And, slowly merge into a group yoga class that suits them perfectly.

The good news is – you do not require any yoga experience to begin. Because I will teach you from the very basics with correct methods.

You will swiftly master the fundamentals and in no time get ready for your next levels in your yoga journey.

There are two ways to make payment: You can pre-book your yoga session by paying online by going in the bottom of the page and choosing the right option.

You can also pay by bank transfer. Please send me a text or email. I provide you the bank info for payment.

Never the less, you can also pay in-person or by invoice after your private yoga session.

Simple and easy – you will sit down on your yoga mat. I will ask you questions about your well-being and any conditions that you may have.

I will explain you what we will do in our session and how long it will take. Through out our session – I will support you and guide you with your each and every breath.

In the end, I will teach you specific yoga, breath-work and mindfulness methods to make the most of the practice.

All in all – you will have fun and a unique sense of calmness that will stay with you for days and promote your self-healing process.

You will be provided with yoga mat, meditation cushion, blocks etc.

You can bring your water bottle and a towel with you.

Please make sure to wear the cloths that are easy and comfortable for you.

Yoga is traditionally taught in Sanskrit language. And, that is not easy for a beginner. But, be sure that in your personal yoga session – you will understand everything in simple, easy and plain English with some German and important Sanskrit terms.

The whole practice is designed in the way that it is intuitive and effortless to understand and follow.

Yes, this is possible. Maximum 3 participants in a micro-group.

However, I will recommend you to take private yoga session first – then thinking about a micro-group.

Because, this will be valuable to your investment and helpful to gain full benefits from private yoga in to a small group.