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Your Personal
Mind Body

Personal Training for your Mind-Body

Can you Imagine yourself fully unplugged from random thoughts and the anxiety of urgent stuffs? 

Not that easy, is it? 

Let me tell you, this is possible with our personal training. We create a space for you to recharge yourself with an optimal mind-body training. 

Would you like to learn the ancient and secret techniques of yoga? This will unlock you to enhance your focus, energy and calmness. The good news is, the techniques will stay with you as your personal treasure – for life.

Firstly, you will be helped to enhance your vitality. Then you will squeeze out the stiffness and stress stored in the muscles. Followed by a practice for energising the nervous system and expanding your concentration. You will get trained inside-out and the results are permanent.

You must know that your first priority is your health. Investing in your well-being pay you back multifold – In your daily life, in your demanding work life and your personal relationships. 

Get in touch now for your exclusive mind-body training plan with us. 


Why We are Different

You are different and unique so your personal training should be different from usual personal trainings.  We are your biggest supporter, take pride in your progress. We are professional, but genuine. Trustworthy and down-to-earth. We listen to you and respect your needs and your privacy utmost.

Most trusted and #1 reviewed Personal Trainer for Yoga in Heidelberg, Germany.

5/5 Ratings

Overall rating based on more than 115 reviews on Google and Facebook & 35 independent reviews via feedback survey and emails. 

*Highest average 5 star rating in Germany.

Overall Experience 98%
Teaching Quality 100%
Atmosphere 99%
Price 96%

Personal Training Plans

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Personal Training in Heidelberg

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Personal Courses

Exclusive courses
You are different, so why your personal training is the same?

You are unique and your body mind demands and expectations are also unique. This is as true in today’s prospective as it was true in ancient times. Take a look at our well-structured and exclusive courses that will help you get started right away. 

You will learn how to meditate – without headphone, without music. Simply observing your breathing with closed eyes.

Does that sound simple to you? 

Let me tell you, this course will potentially change the way how you deal with your emotions, feelings and your life for good. 

How often you observe that you are breathing? Your breath is the gateway to unlock and expand your energies. 

Did you know that? 

In this course, you learn yoga breathing techniques to stimulate your nervous system, feel deeply relaxed and energised. 

Do you know that your muscles store stress? This blocks the nerve current flowing and promote inflammation and pain.

Sound familiar? 

This course will help you learn important yoga asana. It will help you release the stiffness, bring fluidity in your body. 

The WOW effects can only be experienced by yourself only. 

Did you know that stress and anxiety are interrelated.

Your only way out from the circle of stress and anxiety is through a stress reduction yoga therapy. 

You feel calm, relaxed and much happier. Your immunity improve and your sense of self confidence surge.

I am sure you know that fitness is not only limited to the body. 

This course offers to you a holistic fitness for your body, mind and soul. You will look fit, feel better and radiate confidence. 

Invest in this course and see the results by yourself – Results Guaranteed!

Are you becoming a mother or already have your baby?

This specific course is design to support you as a new-mother. 

If you are pregnant, you will learn yoga method to support your healthy pregnancy and techniques to help you in a smooth child-birth.

If post-natal – you are at the right place because this course will train you to get your fitness level back. You will be relaxed and energised – this will reflect in your child as well. You will feel energetic, confident and happier. 

Contact directly for more info and 20 mins free appointment.