Partner Yoga Heidelberg

Partner Yoga is an ancient Tantra-Yogic healing and rejuvenating art that teaches the core value of harmony between couples. You two experience how to become more authentic and empowered through your willingness to be open and connect with each others at a deeper aspect and higher dimension.


Free – 45 mins consultation upon appointment

€75,- per hour

€ 110,- for 90 mins session

10% off for 5 Sessions | 15% off for 8 Sessions

Benefits of Partner Yoga

Team Work and Trust

Partner Yoga is not possible with out each others support and trust. Every pose requires you both to be invested in.

Better Communication

Every yoga pose (asana) requires you to communicate with each other verbally and emotionally.

Love and Compassion

The process of partners yoga, breathing exercises and meditation promotes compassion for each other and a sense of love and care.

Intimate Relationship

Tantra Yoga (partners yoga) ignites and cultivate the sexual energy of male and female for healing, energising, enjoying and spiritual uplifting.

What to Expect?

Personal Yoga Heidelberg

You and your partner will do yoga asana. You both help each other to support in yoga poses, receive relaxation, deeper stretching and enjoyment.

I will guide you through poses that connects you both at a deeper level and engaging in steady eye contact, flow and follow the deep breathing pattern of each others and an expanded awareness of touch and your body. The second phase is certain breathing exercises to help uplifting the exciting and creative energy and tantra meditation to bring harmony and a sense of trust and compassion in your relation. 

 In partner yoga, communication is key to cultivate a sense of safety and trust, as well as hold space for laughter and playfulness.

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What includes in Partners Yoga?

We plan a mixed-method/ specific program that supports your physical and emotional constitution. You will learn the secrets of yoga and discover how yoga and its practices positively impact your wellbeing and aid you attain your health and harmony.

Yoga Asana

Asana (yoga poses) that fits your body and level of fitness. Along with asana, you get the core, back, stability, flexibility and strength. Using internal locks that help to bring youthfulness and re-gaining inner confidence.

Breath Work

Pranayama (breathing exercises) - controlled and deep breathing has tremendous benefits for removing stress and anxiety. Pranayama strengthens the nervous system and promotes Prana (vital energy/ chi).

Energy Work

"Where the mind goes, energy flows." Guiding the vital energy - Prana or Chi through body is a discipline that very rare teacher could teach. Energy work heals the body, clear negative energy and emotions and strengthens ora.


There are 112 defined meditation methods in ancient scripture - Vigyan Bhairava. You will practice a particular Tantra Meditation that brings harmony and balance of energy between you and your partner.

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