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Partner Yoga | Yoga for Couples in Heidelberg

Partner Yoga is an ancient Tantra-Yogic healing art that teaches the core value of harmony between couples. Partners experience how we become more authentic and empowered through our willingness to be open and connect with each others. 

PS: Just to make it very clear that Partner Yoga is not AcroYoga. 

In partner yoga, communication is key to cultivate a sense of safety and trust, as well as hold space for laughter and playfulness.

Partner Yoga Offers

couples yoga heidelberg
Partner Yoga for Beginners 

intensive private / small group course for beginners 

Termin: upon appointment

price: €65,-p.p | 5x pass with 10% discount 

Couples Yoga 

  private /  small group course for advanced couples

 Termin: upon appointment

price:  €55,- p.p | 5x pass with 10% discount

What to expect at Partner Yoga

In partner Yoga, you and your partner will perform asana together. Partners help each other to support, receive relaxation and enjoyment from each posture. I will guide you through each posture (asana) that connects you in much deeper level with your partner, engaging in steady eye contact, flow of the breathing and touch. 

Partner yoga is also a fun way to explore your physical endurance, breathing and relaxing with your partner. The class ends with partner meditating together that brings more harmony in the attitude. 


Benefits of Partner Yoga

  • Increases confidence, patience and trust for each other
  • Improve communication and synergy with your partner
  • Teaches humility and playfulness in a safe environment
  • Brings intimacy and relationship on a higher level
  • Teaches the power of touch and control of sexual energy

Partner Yoga is an excellent way to let go, have fun and explore. You will have more understanding and better communication with higher confidence in each other. 

I invite you to give me a call or email to know the details and a free 30 mins class so you know what to expect from Tantra Yoga of Partners Yoga. 

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