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Outdoor Yoga – 5 Things to Expect in 2019

Outdoor Yoga is a positive trend. Looking at social media and YouTube, you will find people enjoying Yoga at amazing and inspiring locations around the world.  People who experienced Outdoor Yoga will tell you how uplifting they felt and they can not wait to start doing it again this year.

In this blog post, I would like to share my experience starting the Outdoor Yoga in Heidelberg and creating a culture, keeping it up for the last 4 years. I hope this post helps you to know what to expect at

Outdoor Yoga 5 Things to Expect in 2019

1. New Way to Balance Yourself on the Grass:

Your brain will figure out the new way to balance on a rather softer grassy surface. You will find new ways to balance your weight on one foot or in an asana. Outdoor Yoga is a great opportunity to make the most out of barefoot and earthing. People normally feel natural on the grass surface.

yoga on grass

2. Outdoor distractions &  concentration/ focus:

People walking by, taking pictures selfies, groups of people sitting nearby laughing and talking. Moreover, the siren of ambulances, the engine sound of motorbikes, cars etc. This is distracting! However, people always experience a state of mind where all this outdoor action becomes irrelevant and one goes into a state of flow, a high level of concentration which you have never imagined that you have.

3. Lots of Fresh Air:

If people already have some experience of indoor Yoga, they will understand it better because, in a closed environment,  you need to develop more patience to bear the smelly sweat of many colleagues. In contrast, Outdoor Yoga provides an experience with fresh air to breathe in. Your blood oxygen level goes higher which also help in relaxation and a sense of wellbeing.

4. Sun and Heat:

Assuming a normal summer day, people enjoy doing Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutation) in the presence of the Sun. Soaking Vitamin D in abundance, your sense of wellbeing increases and your mood blossoms. If you are sensitive to the Sun, use sun-screen etc, and if the Sun is too harsh, I also suggest choosing morning or evening times.

5. Self-Consciousness tolerance increases:

I know many people from all age groups, who were shy doing Outdoor Yoga. You might also feel the first time, but once you enter into the flow state, it becomes irrelevant. Your sense of confidence increases and over sensitivity towards “people are watching me” decreases. This is a wonderful psychological effect of Outdoor Yoga and it should be studied by researchers.


There is definitely more to talk about Outdoor Yoga and what to expect. You must experience for yourself this Summer season and let me know if you have more points to add in the comment section.

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