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Simply remarkable! Because our Online Programs are unique, engaging and rewarding. We expertise in giving online yoga classes from last 2 years. 

Our Yoga Therapy & Pranayama program running successfully for more than 8 months. Now – with a fresh schedule, bringing for you the wisdom of Yoga, Pranayama and lecture series – Live-steam and recorded True Yoga Programs – Yoga Therapy, Pranayama Series, and True Webinar Series.

Why We are Different

Clear, precise and safe guidance – online and live. We connect with you, giving you the most engaging yogic experience online. Even an Oma can follow and benefit from our online programs!

Most trusted and #1 reviewed Yoga in Heidelberg, Germany.

5/5 Ratings

Overall rating based on more than 115 reviews on Google and Facebook & 35 independent reviews via feedback survey and emails. 

*Highest average 5 star rating Yoga in Germany.

Overall Experience 98%
Teaching Quality 100%
Atmosphere 99%
Price 96%

Online Programs

True Yoga Heidelberg - Price



19:00 – 20:00

60 mins traditional Ashtanga Yoga – half Primary Series. Safe and beginner friendly.

(29 reviews)

*9/15 spots booked

True Yoga Heidelberg - Price



18:15 – 19:30

Embodiment of Yoga practice with mind-body balancing principles of Ayurveda.

(29 reviews)

*9/15 spots booked




07:45 – 08:45

Learn and practice essential, less-known techniques to harness the life-force.

(11 reviews)

*8/15 spots booked

online Yoga Therapy Class



18:15 – 19:30

Discover how to live a holistic & yogic lifestyle, without breaking your bank!


*7/15 spots booked

Online & live

Online Programs

Authentic and engaging. True yoga programs are suitable for people who deserve attention, support and genuine guidance. You get an all-rounded and deep yoga understanding with our online programs.

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True value with flexibility. You can take a weekly program that fits you. Our true yogi get full access with their current pass. Hassle-free pause or cancel for all offers.

Student Pass

flexible value
12 Weekly
  • Get All Online Programs Access​
  • Continue with group classes
  • Hassle-free pause or cancel anytime

Bonus Pass

flexible all access
20 Weekly
  • All Online Programs Access
  • 25% off for a 90 mins Personal Yoga
  • Hassle-free pause or cancel anytime

True Yogi Pass

exclusively for our current yogis
free Monthly / Weekly
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  • Priority spots for group classes
  • 25% off for a 90 mins Personal Yoga

Manoj Gahlawat

Manoj Gahlawat

Yoga Expert | Entrepreneur

"Yoga is a tool to realise that you are Truly limitless."

It is extremely rare to meet a true master yogi. Manoj has a capability to connect and engage you in every online class. His presence will not only make you feel home, but his sincere and devoted teaching will make you realise that, you are truly important.

Manoj expertise in Yoga Therapy methods and apply well in his online teachings. People find his teaching beneficial, engaging and caring.

It Is All About You

We are here to support you in finding life balance. Not because we know it all, but because we walk in the same direction. Since your journey is still unique, you deserve a personal approach. That is why we teach exclusively and personalised small classes, know you by name, respect your privacy and take time to listen to your story. 

Our ambition is to help you to find an effortless alignment between body, mind and soul. This priceless connection is true happiness and is available for all.