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Ashtanga Yoga

60 mins of traditional Ashtanga Yoga. Thoroughly guided by breath and original sanskrit count. Excellent workout for mind & body. Require at least a beginner level yoga experience. 

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Yoga Therapy

75 mins deep and feel-good Yoga Therapy. Suitable for beginners and advance equally. Excellent for mind & body detox and feel relaxed and balanced. 

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Pranayama Series

Warm-up with breath work. Step by step guide into Pranayama. Using original and secret techniques to harness the prana. A complete nervous system detox and energising. Suitable for beginners with caution and advanced slowly. Always seek a guidance by expert teacher. 

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True Yoga Flow

60 mins of slow and true flow. Suitable for beginners and people who seek recovery from injury, child-birth, back-pain and stress. Boosting your immune system. Excellent way to get ready for next week. 

Pregnancy Yoga

An authentic and holistic pregnancy yoga. Highly recommended for pregnant women. Excellent impact on growing-baby. Most of the new-mothers feel more connected, happier and have better immunity. The Pregnancy Yoga helps smooth childbirthing and recover fast.