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Mysore Style - Ashtanga Yoga

Ashtanga Yoga must be taught in small groups in the traditional one-on-one teaching style. We at True Yoga take care of it for you. This is an authentic yoga style for people who understand how yoga can be their lifestyle.

This is the correct way for you to develop an independent yoga practice. We will help you to learn yoga asana step-by-step and provide you a mindful space to evolve your Ashtanga Yoga in Mysore Style.

because we truly care for you

Why We are Different

Two simple reasons we believe: 1. Heidelberg is truly an international city and we are inclusive and open-mined. This attitude creates a space for openness for all our true yogis. 2. Our methods are different and original. We are definitely not perfect but we are progressive, approachable and skillful in our teaching and master in the methods.

Above all, we value you and interested in your growth. That is why people are saying we are different.


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Viviane Hermoso

Hermoso_Viviane - True Yoga

Ashtanga yoga Mysore Style teacher & Meditation instructor

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"Only when we change our inner world, we are able to change the outer world."

Manoj Gahlawat

Manoj Gahlawat

Founder - True YOGA | Yoga Expert | Mysore style program director

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"Yoga is your tool to realise that you are Truly limitless."

True Yoga Heidelberg


True Yoga Heidelberg is located centrally, in the heart of Heidelberg. We are easy to reach by car, bicycle, walk or tram (Brückenstrasse).


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Why Mysore style is for you


If you have some yoga experience, or not at all – it is for you. Because it will enable you to start a beautiful yoga practice – it is universal and accessible everywhere in the world. You grow in your practice on your own pace – discovering many aspects of your true self. Here is the list of some benefits you will experience:

  • Physical fitness – you will simply become fit and lean.
  • Enhance concentration and memory – yoga nourish your brain.
  • Emotional intelligence enhancing – reduce impulsive and anxious behavior.
  • Develops strength, flexibility and balance.
  • Reduce stress and mental fatigue though Ashtanga Yoga methods.
  • Helps developing discipline and self-regulation – enables self-awareness.
  • Promotes creativity, self-expression and cognitive abilities – your self-esteem expands.

Origin of Mysore style


The name “Mysore Style” is popular because western yogis learned Ashtanga Yoga in Mysore, India.

Originally traditional Indian pedagogy is a self-paced learning system that is implemented well for Ashtanga Yoga.

It means the students learn from the teacher and practice individually in a group at their own pace with silence. The teacher does not lead the practice but simply observes the practitioners and helps adjust asana (postures) were necessary – one person at a time.

This method is highly effective – because it promotes independence, self-awareness and mindfulness. Which lies at the heart of Ashtanga Yoga.

Mysore Style class is in the window of 2 hours. You come, open your mat and start your practice and when you are done – you can leave. Some people take 1-hour of practice and others 90 mins – depends on how far you are in your Ashtanga practice.

Mysore Style classes typically last between one and a half and two hours. The full series often appears daunting at the beginning, but with time the asanas come almost automatically, enabling us to deepen our focus on the breath. The series is always the same, so once known there is no need to think, hence the practice can have a wonderful sensation of flow and becomes a powerful dynamic meditation. Every part of the body is stretched and energized, allowing our vital energy to flow freely.

Besides improved flexibility and energy, the most consistent effect of Mysore style practice is an abundant sensation of well-being. Led Ashtanga sessions aim to prepare us for Mysore practice. We recommend beginning Mysore style practice if you are competent in at least half of the asanas in the primary series.