health insurance subsidy-for-yoga courses

Many leading health insurance companies promote Yoga, Meditation and other healthy activities as part of the prevention area “promoting relaxation” and “prevention” („Förderung von Entspannung“). The subsidy/ discount varies from fund to fund and is usually 80% of the course fees, but not more than € 75 per year with applied conditions and their defined system.

We offer you the following courses:

for everyone, whether beginner or an experienced yoga aspired

You can find the current Yoga courses and class offers here


Please note that some conditions must be met for the subsidization of the courses. The courses have 5, 8 or 10 classes and you must have attended at least half. It is not possible to make missed appointments in other yoga classes or switch between courses.

NOTE: We can not give a guarantee for the reimbursement for your chosen course. This you must confirm with your Health Insurance Company. 

However, You can request a certificate of attendance at the end of the course at