3 Effective Exercises to Improve Breathing (Yoga Heidelberg)

3 Effective Exercises to Improve Breathing

Are you breathing enough? It reminds you to bring your awareness on your breathing! Deep breathing makes the mind to stay alert, present and calm.

Breathing is a detailed science in Yoga, explained as Pranayama. Successful people and Yogis understand the importance of breathing. Breathing impacts on your physical, mental and spiritual well-being. According to Ayurveda, People with shallow breathing have poor digestion. Therefore improve breathing is vital to our wellbeing.

 Check Yourself to Improve Breathing 

Breathing pattern exhibits the state of mind and wellbeing. Here I distinguish basic characters of breathing habits with emotions.

  1. Short and slow breathing: It exhibits anxiety and impatience that could lead to stress and passive aggression.
  2. Short and fast breathing: It exhibits emotions such as anger and fear and rising high.
  3. Shallow slow or fast breathing: It exhibits the fast pace emotions, over thinking, lack of concentration and impatience
  4. Deep and Longer breathing: Represents a relaxed, calm and focused mind.

3 Simple Exercise to Improve Breathing

#1 Deep inhale and slower exhale: This simple breathing will enhance your focus, brings a relaxed state of mind. Helps you to become focused and think clearer.

#2 Deep inhale, keep the breath in and exhale slower: With a gradual practice of this breathing, you will cut stress and chronic headache. You to sleep quicker and deeper.

#3 Belly breathing: A natural way of breathing. A child always breathes deep in the belly – this is the natural way of breathing to stay calm and present. This breathing brings “superhuman” capabilities in you. You will be in a state of flow and confident.

Once you get better in your breathing, only then you can reap the fruits of practising Yoga, mindfulness or concentration. One can also get to a meditative state once you have perfected your breathing and practising Pranayama.

We cannot have mastery of breathing overnight. Have patience and see how you are breathing and gently control to deepen and slow down.

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