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Hatha Yoga – A Helpful and Simple Guide

Hatha Yoga – “Ha+Tha” Sun and the Moon Union – the science of balancing the mind, the body. The goal of Hatha Yoga is to reach Samadhi. Yogi uses the purification techniques, Banda (internal locks), Mudra (seals), Asana and Pranayama to reach the highest states. Hatha Yoga is given by the Nath Yogi Sampardaye (A branch of Shaivism ascetics)  – a lineage started by  Adiyogi (Shiva) himself. Even today, Nath Yogis are known for their vigorous, vibrant health and youthfulness.

All Yoga styles, mainly Hatha Yoga, Yoga for Pregnancy,  Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga and Kundalini/ Prana Yoga refers to modified/ special Morning Flow Yoga.

  Simple Guide to the Limbs of Hatha Yoga Science

Shat-karma kriya / Purification Techniques: Shatkarma (6 activities) to clean the internal organs. Cleaning nostrils with Jal Neti, Sūtra Neti. Cleaning the stomach using Dhauti, Kunjal and Basti (Enema). Cleansing the sinus using Kapalbhati and eyesight/ perception cleansing by Tratak.

Bandha: Very important practice in Hatha Yoga. No Success without internal locks!  Moola Bandha (root lock), Uddyana Bandha (Diapharm lock) and Jalandhar Bandha (Throat lock). A Yogi uses these three locks to control the vital life energy in the body.

Mudra: There is 10 key mudrā. The accomplished master of mudras can stop the ageing process, doesn’t need food and water and able to do the miracles. Except for these 10 mudras, there are 100s of hand and finger mudras, such as Gyan Mudra, Vāyu mudrā etc.

Asana: The most popular part! The Hatha Yoga Pradipika explains 8,400,000 asanas. Vajrasana, Sidhhasana, Padamasana and Simhasana are the key asana of 84 asana. It takes 3 hr and 40 mins to do asana siddhi (success in an asana).

PranayamaExpansion of the vital air called Pranayama. Based on the fundamental principle of Purak – Kumbhak – Rechak. Inhalation-Holding and processing – Exhaling. There are mainly 9 Pranayama. A Master Yogi uses the combinations to create a new Pranayama exercise. Pranayama is highly scientific and branches out to the secret science of the breathing called Swar Vigyan.

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