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Hatha Yoga Flow - Gentle & Restorative Yoga

Hatha Yoga is the classical posture based yoga. You stay in an asana (pose) for a longer duration (30 – 60 second generally) and move to the next. In a Flowing method of Hatha Yoga – You are connecting your breathing in and out with linking each asana together. This method is gentle in nature but challenging and meditative.  

Hatha Yoga Flow balances in the body, mind and spirit. Your health, flexibility and calmness start to improve and balances hormone. Hatha Yoga Flow is suitable for all levels, absolute beginners and people who are recovering their health and after child-birth as well.

Hatha Yoga Flow Class

 The nature of this class is meditative and gentle moving in one asana to the next. This class is challenging and rewarding in better flexibility, breathing and improved vitality. 

Tuesdays – 19: 45 – 21:00Hatha Yoga Flow


More about Hatha Yoga Flow

Ha + Tha (Sun + Moon). The art of balancing the body and mind is called Hatha Yoga. This ancient Yogic method is the basis of all Yoga styles. In our Morning Hatha Yoga Flow, you will learn to align the body with balance and controlling your breath. In contract to Vinyasa Yoga and Ashtanga Yoga, yogi moves from one asana to the next in a prescribed sequence and duration by the teacher. The intelligence starts to reflect in your every muscle improves control and concentration multiply. Hatha Yoga Flow Class will help you to balance hormone, removing stress and gives energy and youthfulness. 

Benefits of Hatha Yoga

  • Reduce stress and balance hormone
  • Align your body posture and increases your breathing capacity
  • Improves focus and gives energy, promoting youthfulness 
  • Improves immune system, physical and mental capacity

Hatha Yoga is the source of posture based yoga-asana practice that incorporates breathing and prana expansion. This is a therapeutic yoga method yet challenging and rewarding. Your body awareness and vitality increases. Asana in this class is not easy but simple enough to start as a beginner or coming back from an injury / recovery. 


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