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Yoga is Your #1 Tool to Cope with Coronavirus Anxiety and Fear

As the situation of COVID-19 is ascending worldwide and in Germany, people are becoming more aware and serious and anxious. Our Yoga Studio in Heidelberg, Yoga Shala is closed for a duration of 5 weeks. However, the Yoga Classes are now available online to our students – Daily till 22 March 2020.

Be more conscious and know what triggers the coronavirus anxiety and how to help yourself

  • Be more aware of How your body feels when you are worried.
  • Notice how you are breathing
  • Pay attention to your thoughts
  • What topics you are discussing or talking more
  • Social media or media news
  • Over protectiveness
  • Acknowledge the situation and mindfully direct your attention to something constructive
  • Occupy yourself in cleaning, organizing and writing thank you letters

Online Yoga Classes is one great solution. If your Yoga Studio teacher is offering online Yoga, go for it. It gives you good motivation and something to look forward daily. We at Yoga Shala Heidelberg started our Online Yoga Classes and the response was overwhelming. My students joined with their friends and families worldwide. Yoga would not only help people dealing with COVID-19 Anxiety but also help them keep a state of wellbeing in this social isolation and stress caused by a coronavirus.

Why? Because of this anxiety and the fear of the unknown is dangerous for our hormone balance. The psychological impact is really setting in our subconscious – which will have a huge influence on our social behaviour and mindset as well in upcoming times.

Harvard Medical School recommends yoga to deal with COVID-19 anxiety

The prestigious Indian News Reporter publishes an article with this title on March 16 2020. That, a leading medical school in the US (HMS) recommended yoga, meditation and controlled breathing to address anxiety due to the fear, anxiety and restlessness induced by coronavirus issue.

The Harvard Medical School said in its latest health guideline that, yoga, meditation and controlled breathing are “some tried and true ways to relax”.

Coping with coronavirus anxiety . Harvard Medical School, USA


Simple Yoga Asana – Surya Namaskar, standing and sitting poses are helpful to stretch and relax the body and internal organs.

Breathing Exercises

Simple Deep and prolonged deep breathing, Square Breathing (Inhale for 3-sec Hold for 3 sec Exhale for 3 and Retain for 3 sec) is impactful and you feel immediate relaxation and anxiety just goes away. There are many breathing exercises also known as Pranayama are helpful but it is always better simple and easy to start with.


Simple guided meditation or Guided Yoga Nidra Meditation will not only help you to feel calm and relaxed but also brings clarity and promotes a sense of well-being in you. I recommend following simple Vipassana Meditation or using apps such as Calm, Headspace etc. If you can find an online Yoga or Livestream Yoga or mediation, do it.


This article is for the awareness that you can really control and guide your emotions positively. Yoga, Breath-Work and Meditation are the best way to experience it. The technology is helping us – now we have online yoga classes that offers beginners yoga, pranayama (breath-work) and meditation regularly online. You can also join in the classes and feel much better.

Asana, Pranayama, Dhyana could go a long way in mitigating the isolation anxiety that is gripping communities across the world.

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