The Fear of Virus - How to Live a Fearless Life

Corona Fear – A Story to Inspire You.

I was shocked and surprised, one of my Personal Yoga Training client cancelled our appointment because she was traveling in Italy and was concerned and polite that she wanted to postpone our appointment – Just in case! This was last week Monday, since then Corona Virus Fear expanding massively in Germany.

Yesterday, I went to our local supermarket in Neuenheim -Heidelberg – Germany, for grocery and vegetable shopping. Something really strange strikes me that people are stocking up, the shelves are pretty much empty and there is a panic in the air. (On a simple note I’d like to remind that Panic, anxiety or fear is deeply inter-related with our breathing.)

What is this? Is it the fear of getting corona virus or is it a fear that is programmed in us by media, people and the internet? See, anything we focus on it expands and becomes more obvious. The internet companies understand it completely. Anything we are googling, consuming online is shown more and the rabbit hole never ends…!

Corona Virus is not as serious as your fear of it. You may never get it but the fear that programs your psychology will definitely haunt you throughout your life. Imagine, how many people die every year because of hunger, malnutrition, infection, road-accidents, cancer, smoking, eating too much, diabetes etc.

I know this virus is contagious as flu or other viruses. But don’t you think it is nature’s own way to bring a balance? Fear loves ignorance. When we do not confront and educate ourselves we rely on rumours and media to feed us. As soon we take control and consciously educate ourselves and choosing to be mindful instead fearful the game shifts completely. Remember, this 3D reality loves energy, choose compassion over fear. Bless those souls who got consumed by this epidemic crisis of Coronavirus.

Today I share this story with you, I heard this story in my early childhood and pleasantly coincident that the same story is picked by Paramhansa Yogananda in his book – Live Fearlessly. This metaphoric story will open you eyes and will help you contemplate.

The Story of a Yogi, Ghost and the Fear

While meditating late one night, a great Yogi sage saw the “ghost” of the dread smallpox disease entering the village where he lived. “Stop Mr Ghost” he ordered. “Go away you must not molest a village in which I worship the God.”

“I will take only three people”, the ghost replied “in accordance with my cosmic karmic duty”. At this the great Yogi sage unhappily nodded assent.

The following days three persons died of smallpox. The next weeks several more died and each new day thereafter more and more villagers were taken by the “fearful disease” and thereafter people started to leave and flee the village.

Thinking that a great deception has been played on him, the Yogi Sage meditated deeply and summoned the ghost. When it came the Sage rebuked it.

“Oh Ghost, you deceived me and did not speak the truth when you said you take only three people with your smallpox.”

But the ghost replied, “By the great Spirit, I did speak truth to you.”

The Yogi master persisted, “You promise to take only three persons, and scores have succumbed to the disease.”

“I took only three” said the ghost. “The rest killed themselves with fear.” says the ghost.

Our thoughts creates our reality. What we think we become, what we feel we attract. If you feel happy, healthy you attract more of this. And, equally the opposite as well. Choice is completely yours.

“You must resurrect your mind from the consciousness of disease — from the thought of disease. You are the invulnerable Spirit; but the body now rules the mind. The mind must rule the body…”

What are you afraid of? You are an immortal being. You are neither a man nor a woman as you may think, but a soul, joyous, eternal.

Conclusion: Living fearless is a choice that requires a discipline and faith in yourself. Energy is energy, neither positive nor negative. Our attitude and way of channeling it defines if it is constructive or destructive. Bring a conscious shift in your thoughts, choose to have compassion not fear. Choose life over death, choose health over disease.

Remember Fear is your greatest threat. You must take the all the precautions, stay calm, be positive and when people bring this “trending topic” change to something uplifting and lively.

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