True Yoga Heidelberg

Manoj Gahlawat

Manoj | Owner & Senior Yoga Teacher

Thank you for being here - Now.

It is my mission to serve you. Giving you an authentic and empowering experience with yoga. Do not hesitate to write or simply give me a call. Because, I am happy to help you.

Manoj Gahlawat

True Yoga Heidelberg Location

We are located not so far from you. Centrally, in the heart of Neuenheim, Heidelberg. Easy in your reach by car, bicycle, walk or tram (Brückenstrasse). We are located at the 1st floor.


Brückenstraße 35,

69120 Heidelberg



Phone: +49163 9761 399

Why You Care

We are here to support you in finding life balance. Not because we know it all, but because we walk in the same direction. Since your journey is still unique, you deserve a personal approach. 

That is why we teach exclusively and personalised small groups, know you by name, respect your privacy and take time to listen to your story. 

Our ambition is to help you to find an effortless alignment between body, mind and soul. This priceless connection is true happiness and is available for all.