Yoga is Your #1 Tool to Cope with Coronavirus Anxiety and Fear

coronavirus anxiety coping with yoga

As the situation of COVID-19 is ascending worldwide and in Germany, people are becoming more aware and serious and anxious. Our Yoga Studio in Heidelberg, Yoga Shala is closed for a duration of 5 weeks. However, the Yoga Classes are now available online to our students – Daily till 22 March 2020. Be more conscious […]

Origin of Ashtanga Yoga – Yoga Korunta

History of Ashtanga Yoga | Ashtanga Yoga Heidelberg

Ashtanga Yoga History  The method of AshtangaYoga is derived from an ancient Sage Vamana in his text called “Yoga Korunta.” Although many books on Yoga written, Vāmana Ṛṣi (devanāgarī: वामन ऋषि) is the one who has focused on a complete practical method. Yoga Korunta: Background and Findings The discovery of Yoga Korunta: Sri T. Krishnamacharya travelled to Calcutta […]

The meaning of OM and its essence in Yoga

The meaning of OM

OM or AUM (Sanskrit: ॐ) is a sacred sound scripture symbol, representing the universe within its vibration. It is also a mantra in Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism. I notice in my Yoga classes that everyone accepts and enjoys chanting OM. However, chances are they have little ideas of its essence. It just feels right! Isn’t it? I thought to […]

Nasya Karma – Ayurvedic Nostril Cleansing with Oil

It is an amazing feeling to wake up with full of energy, mental clarity and peace of mind. With just five to ten minutes to Ayurvedic nostril cleansing and with least effort, it is now possible. I had my first Nasya Karma when I was about 11 years old. I had a headache and sinus congestion. […]

Chakra and Yoga – An introduction to the ancient Science

Chakra and Yoga - Ashtanga Yoga Heidelberg

The word Chakra derives from the Sanskrit word “Wheel” or more precisely, The rotating wheel. The chakra is such an extraordinary system that governs and channel energy in our body. Chakra system defined in different ancient cultures including ancient Vedic/ Hinduism, and Buddhism, and widely mentioned in Mayan, Inka, Egyptian, Babylonian and more cultures in history. […]

Jal Neti – An important Yogic purification

Jal Neti kriya

Jal Neti is something that I learned in early childhood in my family seeing my uncle, father and mother performing it. With the time, it also integrated into my morning ritual. I experience the powerful benefits of Jal Neti kriya and would love to share in this post. It is not a surprise it is […]