Prenatal Yoga – A Helpful and Simple Guide

Pregnancy Yoga - Why Deep Breathing (Pranayama) | Yoga Shala Heidelberg

Prenatal Yoga – Suitable for You? Prenatal Yoga strengthens, refines and stabilises your body, breath and mind. During the pregnancy, your body is going through a monumental change – Hormone, energy-level, mood and breathing etc. Each trimester brings different gifts and challenges to each woman. One of the blessings of prenatal yoga is learning how […]

5 Great Benefits of Personal Yoga (Private Yoga Positive Effects)

5 Great Benefits of Personal Yoga | Yoga Shala Heidelberg

Have you considered taking Personal Yoga lessons? Integrating Personal Yoga into your life is beneficial on many levels. It can help prevent injury, relax muscles, and keep you flexible. The benefits of reduced stress and increased oxygen levels. Allow me to convince you that taking Personal Yoga sessions will be well worth the investment and also can help […]

Hatha Yoga – A Helpful and Simple Guide

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Hatha Yoga – “Ha+Tha” Sun and the Moon Union – the science of balancing the mind, the body. The goal of Hatha Yoga is to reach Samadhi. Yogi uses the purification techniques, Banda (internal locks), Mudra (seals), Asana and Pranayama to reach the highest states. Hatha Yoga is given by the Nath Yogi Sampardaye (A branch of Shaivism […]

Pranayama – A Helpful and Simple Guide


What is Pranayama? Pranayama – expansion of life-energy force by breath control. Prānāyāma is the 4th limb explained in the Ashtanga Yoga system. The Upanishads and Vedas emphasis very much on Prāna.  Pranayama uses various techniques to accumulating, controlling and channelling the Prāna. Pranayama Principle Simple principle – Pooraka (prolonged inhalation), Antar Kumbhaka (internal retention of breath), Rechaka (prolonged […]

3 Reasons How Yoga can Help You Improve Running

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I have been a marathon runner and loved running in the forest of Heidelberg, cities, and fields enjoying the rhythm of my breathing. It was a life-changing experience. With the time, I’ve realized that my cardio got so much better, I’ve lost a few extra kilos and gained my confidence back. The “high” you receive from […]

Sri T Krishnamacharya – Father of Modern Yoga

Father of Modern Yoga - Sri. T Krishnamacharya | Yoga Shala Heidelberg

Krishnamacharya – Father of Modern Yoga   Born on the 18 November 1888, the eldest of six children (four boys and two girls) in a remote Indian village. Sri Tirumalai Krishnamacharya who lived about 101 years is the Māha Yogi of our times. His scholarship in various Philosophy (darshans) of orthodox Indian philosophy earned him titles such […]