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Yoga at Work

“I truly believe that if you take care of your employees, they will take care of your business.” 
– Richard Branson

Good health is the key to keeping your employees and colleagues motivated. Business Yoga is a proven way for forward-thinking companies, co-working space and start-ups to boost morale and productivity. You will also attract interesting prospects having Yoga offering at your workplace and co-working space. Our Business Yoga methods are suitable for short duration intensive and systematic stretches, breath-work and guided mindfulness which shows impressive results on people who participate from day one. 

Most suitable Yoga at Work plans

Morning Flow Yoga


“wake up inspired”

Start the workday with gentle flow of yoga asana, deep breathing exercises and mindfulness meditation.

duration: 30 – 60 mins 

Mid-Day modular Yoga

yoga at work heidelberg

“therapeutic and energising”

Get the motivation level going! Lunch or after lunch meditative and engaging micro-yoga, and laughter-yoga.

duration: 20 – 45 mins 

After Work Yoga

“relax and get fit”

Un-wind with a series of Yoga asana and rhythmic deep breathing to keep a top mental and physical fitness.

duration: 45 – 75 mins 

Every office culture is different, we understand it. Let us know your requirements, we will design a plan suitable for your work place. 

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On Demand - Exclusive Offers

personal yoga for entrepreneurs

For High Performers

Yoga + Mindfulness for executive and problem solvers

Get your fitness and mental clarity with Personal Yoga Training. A dedicated plan of action for you – when you have time. At your office, home or my praxis. 

Duration: 60 – 90 mins per session 

yoga at work workshop

Workshop | Seminar | Tutorials

Preventative Yoga Workshop, Seminar and Tutorials at your workplace

Valuable events with interaction and fun to promote health and fitness. Hands-on training to prevent chronicle pains, back-pain, fatigues and stress. Methods for improving focus, health and wellbeing.

Duration: 120 mins

How Yoga will benefit your Workplace

Yoga at work can position your workplace as more attractive workplace. The perk of Yoga at Work can also help to improve productivity, creativity and health awareness for your employees. Science established it that Yoga helps increasing energy, mental alertness and concentration. article and Harvard Business Review article can help you to know more.

yoga at work benefits

Health, relief from chronic pain and stress are only a short walk away from the desk.

Yoga classes get people more relaxed and productive. When you arrange to have yoga classes at work, people become more accountable for their health.

Yoga classes are delivered straight to your workplace, so you don’t have to work around my studio schedule. We schedule a time that suits your teams.

The classes will be designed to suits your group need. Everyone at a comfortable level to get full benefit of yoga at work classes.

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