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Authorised and Injury-free Ashtanga Yoga in Heidelberg

Lutherstrasse 71, 69120 Neuenheim, HD

It’s not what you think. Because, with us you experience true yoga directly from the source – India. 

What you get is – an accurate and safe Ashtanga Yoga. Injury-free and thoroughly guided.

People from all backgrounds, and body-type feel at ease at our yoga space. We teach selectively in small groups of good people, invite-only Mysore Program and in-person only. 

Unlike others, our Ashtanga Yoga programs are no-show-off and adaptive to the groups. This is one of the reason why people do not get injured or burn-out, and gradually deepen their practice.

We are non-dogmatic, progressive yet rooted in ancient wisdom. 

In our Ashtanga Programs, you get personal attention and high-quality guidance.

 We honour your privacy, respect your space and take pride in giving you the best yoga in Heidelberg. 

We look forward getting in touch with you soon.

Why We are Different

You won’t find it anywhere else! 

The Ashtanga Yoga and Ashtanga Mysore Program run by an Indian yoga teacher – he is practising yoga from early childhood, fluent in scholarly and practical aspects of scriptures and yoga. 

You get the original teachings with a holistic and practical point of view. We do not force a yoga method on our students, but we adapt to their temperament, body type and energy level. Only an accomplished yogi can teach this way.

We at True Yoga Heidelberg, love and respect our true yogis. We listen to them and celebrate their progress together. 

The genuine yogic teaching, ability to connect and an attitude to serve makes us stand-apart from all yoga studios, and every yoga teacher.

P.S. Please do not believe our claims! See what people are saying…


“Most trusted and #1 reviewed Yoga in Heidelberg, Germany.”

5/5 Ratings

Overall rating based on more than 115 reviews* on Google and Facebook & 35 independent reviews via feedback survey and emails. 

*Highest average 5 star rating yoga in Germany.

Overall Experience 98%
Teaching Quality 100%
Atmosphere 99%
Price 96%

Ashtanga Programs

Ashtanga Yoga - True Yoga Heidelberg

Ashtanga Yoga - Primary

Challenging and Meditative Yoga

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True Yoga Heidelberg - Programs

Ashtanga Yoga - Half Primary

BegiN slowly and Make real progress

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Pattabhi jois leading Richard Freeman through pranayama

Ashtanga Mysore Program

Secret group Ashtanga program

(7 reviews)

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