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starts 14 April 2023

Your Big Why

I don’t know if you agree with me, but life is busy. There is so much going on and on top – information and ads are thrown at you. The mind is always busy and the body is becoming stiff, losing muscle and vitality. On top of the wild waves of emotions and hormones. Don’t even talk about the mental health.

What if I tell you that yoga might be something reasonable for you to try – experience and commit with. Because reputed research published their finding on yoga on mental health, physical, emotional and longevity.

Novice or if you had bad experience with yoga – you can trust me, true yoga is a different feeling. You will be taken care and will grow with your practice, that I will teach you. And, this experience adds value to your lifestyle. That is why, you may begin now.

Yoga is good

About Your Class

You will begin in easy way – connecting with your breath. You will progress with yoga therapy and get advance with traditional form of ashtanga yoga elements. It means there is always improvement. Plus, you can expect friendly vibes, laughters and insightful and thoughtful stories that my Guru ji used to tell us.

In nutshell: Every week something valuable to bring back home.

different feeling

Why True Yoga

May be we are top reviewed yoga in south of Germany, but we consider ourselves most loved yoga in Heidelberg. Because people tell us that it adds value to their lives and make them feel better about themselves.

150+ five-star reviews on google*

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*More than 150+ reviews on Google**, 45+ Facebook & independent reviews via feedback survey and testimonial emails and letters. 

**Highest average 5 star rating in Germany.

Overall Experience 98%
Teaching Quality 100%
Atmosphere 99%
Price 96%


About Teacher

Manoj Gahlawat

"yoga brings better changes in you"

Looking back in my life, I feel truly blessed, because of learning from great masters the tradition, philosophy and the art & science of yoga. I have been grown, brought up and still living a yogic lifesytle. As a trained computer enginner, working in this field, I know the pains of the people. That is why I am here to help you to get the juice out of your life with the methods and secrets of yoga.

Languages: 🇩🇪 German – good basics 🇮🇳 Hindi – native & 🇬🇧 English – Proficient

your commitment


in Euro

Drop-in: 25 per session
Monthly Pass: 89 / month - pause or cancel anytime
Student Pass: 75 / month - pause or cancel anytime

Your second best chance

Why Start Now

Spring is the time when everything starts to blossoms. You are not separate from the nature – your mind and body goes trough this phase as well. Therefore, as per ayurveda and hatha yoga scriptures – spring is acknowledged as most desirable time to begin with yoga. Because body opens up easier and change take place smoothly.

Begin your Journey

Begin Now

Easy to Reach


True Yoga Heidelberg is located centrally, in the heart of Heidelberg. We are easy to reach by car, bicycle, walk or tram stop Brükenstrasse.


Brückenstrasse 35

69120 Neuenheim, Heidelberg



Phone: +49163 9761 399

Learn & Grow to enjoy

It is All About You

We are here to support you in finding life balance. Not because we know it all, but because we walk in the same direction. Since your journey is still unique, you deserve a personal approach. That is why we teach exclusively and personalized small classes, know you by name, respect your privacy and take time to listen to your story. 

Our ambition is to help you to find an effortless alignment between body, mind and soul. This priceless connection is true happiness and is available for all.