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Welcome to Yoga Shala Heidelberg. We give an authentic yogic experience to you in our Yoga Classes, Yoga Courses and Personal Yoga Training programs. We are located centrally, in the heart of Heidelberg – Neuenheim. 

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sthira-sukham-asanam –Patanjāi Yogasutra Verse 46 from chapter 2.

A comfortable, well-balanced posture (asana), with an effortless deep-breathing is the instrument of Yoga.

About the Teacher


Manoj (easy way to pronounced as Mano) is probably the only Indian Yoga teacher teaching in Heidelberg. He comes from a continuous-lineage of a traditional Hindu family in India. At age 5, he began the practice of Yoga at home and succeeding in the guidance of excellent yogi masters, learned for over a 15 years in north and south India – throughout the school to engineering graduation. 

Manoj is an authorised Yoga Therapist, Yoga Trainer, Pregnancy Yoga expert and Pranic healer. He applies Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, breath-work, Yoga Nidra and Visualization methods in his teaching. His attention to details in combining āsana, mudrā, bandhā, Drishti and Pranayama techniques with clear instructions which is beneficial and highly valued by his yoga pupils.

His simple explainings of inter-connection of anatomy, nervous systems and psychology help curious minds and yoga-students grasping the methods swiftly.

Manoj is proficient in Vedic and Yogic philosophies and is fluent in the Sanskrit language and loves singing vibrant and energetic ancient Sanskrit mantra and songs.

Yoga Studio Heidelberg Location

Yoga Shala Heidelberg, is bright, minimal, elegant and casual which gives you the feeling of comfort and openness. Our Yoga Studio is located in the heart of Heidelberg – Neuenheim. For a detailed description of how to find us, click on this link.

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