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We believe that you deserve to attain the highest level of health and wellbeing in a true tradition of yoga. You not only get fit and feel better about yourself but you also take home the full body experience – how your mind, body and awareness work together effortlessly in a relaxed, uplifting and positive environment. 

We are located central at a peaceful and attractive location in Neuenheim, near Kußmaulstraße Tram stop.

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Start from Monday 06.01.2020 onwards



sthira-sukham-asanam –Patanjāi Yogasutra Verse 46 from chapter 2.

A comfortable, well-balanced posture (asana), with an effortless deep-breathing is the instrument of Yoga.

About the Teacher

Manoj from Yoga Heidelberg

Manoj is probably the only Indian Yoga teacher teaching in Heidelberg. He comes from a lineage of a traditional Hindu family in India. At age 5, he started the practice of Yoga at home and later in the guidance of excellent yogi masters, learned for over a 12 years in north and south India – throughout the school to engineering graduation. 

As an authorised Yoga Therapist, Manoj is proficient in Yogic philosophy, Sanskrit, Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga and essential Ayurveda. Manoj uses the combination of āsana, mudrā, bandhā and Pranayama techniques in his teaching for individuals and group that is unique and highly valued by his pupils.

His deep knowledge about pregnancy, anatomy, nervous systems and psychology help yoga-students grasping the methods and philosophy swiftly. 

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