It is my utmost desire to share my positive energy with the people I come in contact with, giving as much as I can, being authentic and friendly.

I grew up in a tradition-rich and open-minded Hindu family. Being blessed by exceptional Yogi masters, and spiritual gurus, I absorbed our ancient philosophies and Yogic practice for many years.

This deep yogic knowledge, helps me to teach in a unique and practical way, that let students experience the benefits of multi-facet science of yoga. Students gain in their physical, mental, spiritual and emotional aspects of life.

Being hit by a speeding car in 2006, I experienced death closely, coming alive from that,  has changed my prospective of this life. Awakening is not enlightenment. It is something when life shakes us and bring all kind of situations to test us to check whether we truly deserve to serve our higher purpose of this life.

I started  selfless and free outdoor Yoga in Heidelberg, that created a huge community and a vibrant outdoor yoga movement in Heidelberg. My sincere, disciplined and genuine teaching was highly valued by the students, that later developed as Yoga Shala Heidelberg. 

My teaching includes the Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga,  Kriya yoga and Tantra. A balanced and authentic mix of important ancient yogic methods makes my teaching unique and an unforgettable experience.

I can get anyone to start with yoga with enjoyment and lead how yoga can transform their lives. My classes (group, couple and personal yoga) are always energetic and connecting. Additionally, I consider it as a special blessing for being  trusted Pregnancy Yoga male teacher – one of a very few in Europe.  

I have interest in broad spectrum of topics ranging from science to business, mathematics to quantum physics and Ayurveda to modern life science. I love cooking, writing and meeting people. Being a father of 2 yr old loving boy, a husband and a faithful friend, I am truly blessed.

My goal is to give the gift of Yoga to the people who truly deserve my teachings. People who are open-minded, silent seekers and kind-hearted. I invite you to my classes, personal training and workshops with my open arms. With my yogic teaching you can bring fullness to your professional and personal life.



Exclusive Yoga Offerings

Personal Yoga

achieve your health goals – get better with a program designed for you.

yoga for couple heidelberg
Yoga for Couples

brings harmony and energy to warm-up your relationship

yoga at work in Heidelberg
Yoga at Work

creates a healthy and active work culture.