TEDxUniHeidelberg is an independent event licensed by the non-profit organisation TED. On this website, we would like to talk about our theme “Illuminating Absurdity” and introduce you to our motivated team and inspiring speakers! For those of you who are not familiar with TED, we have some introductory videos to explain the concept of “ideas worth spreading”. Together with TEDxHeidelberg, TEDxUniMannheim and TEDxDHBWMannheim we work in the Rhein-Neckar area to bring leading experts and thinkers to our cities to inspire a community of people enthused by new ideas!

TEDxUniHeidelberg and Ashtanga Yoga Heidelberg partnership

The unique Idea of yoga with TedxUniHeidelberg

“To offer the world something out of line viewpoints the TedxUniHeidelberg partnered with Ashtanga Yoga Heidelberg. The TEDx Uni Heidelberg team organized a Yoga workshop for the participants. Expanding the TEDx experience, Manoj Gahlawat from Ashtanga Yoga Heidelberg offer our participants idea of absurdity through Yoga.” – TEDx UniHeidelberg team