Personal Yoga or Private Yoga training is the original and most effective way of teaching and receiving Yoga as a practice. Are you are seeking to improve flexibility, physical and mental health or a recovery from an injury or trauma, a personalised Yoga Course will help you to gain control of yourself and life.

Having a very little or No Yoga Experience? I will set you on a definite plan that fits your body and personality type. With our dedicated focus, you will experience a profound positive effect and a deeper sense of wellbeing. Investing in a Personal Yoga is the best way to Start Yoga.

You determine the focus and I will help you to build a short and long-term plan of action to follow. You will gain multifold benefits of Yoga, Breathing and calmness. You will also learn the less-known secret teachings and psychology of Yoga and how to apply in your work and social life. 

I will be glad to accompany and support you in your personal Yoga development.

A Typical Holistic Personal Yoga Class includes:

A series of micro-yoga asana to stretch vital muscle and charging respiratory system for deeper breath. A persistent practice of Suksham Yoga (Micro-Yoga) brings flexibility and a mindful control over muscles and joints and, relaxing and deepen breath to be more concentrated and also bring more patience.

Series of Yoga Postures that fits your body type, muscular strength and breathing capacity. Your previous Yoga experience will be useful but not necessary. A unique mixture of standing, sitting yoga asana with a compete attention and help in adjustment and alignment to you.

This refers to the expansion of the breath and the life energy in us. Breathing exercises are a wonderful way to calm the mind, energize and relax the entire body. Stimulation or deceleration – depending on what the yoga practitioner needs – both can be experienced through pranayama. Conscious breathing connects body and mind and leads to more harmony and peace.

Through mindfulness and concentration exercises that gather and open the mind and expand the consciousness, we move into moments of stillness, absolute rest, pleasurable emptiness and experiencing simple being. In meditation, we discover a space that is free of learned conditioning and programming. A sense of freedom arises.

At the end of each yoga practice, there is the opportunity to relax & consciously regenerate the body in depth. This exercise, where you lie on your back and just do nothing, is at least as important as any other posture. Savasana is used for stress reduction, recovery and healing for body, mind and soul.

Personalised Plan

Benefit from a tailor-made and holistic plan that suits you best.

Flexiblie Time

Save time and schedule as we go along because we know you are busy.

Achieve Goal

Fun and supportive Class to help you achieving your goals with ease.

Personal Yoga Price

Personal Yoga Price 

1x Card 85,- Euro

8x Card 560,- Euro

5x Card 360,- Euro


Group Yoga Price

2 Person for 90 mins 120,- Euro

2 Person 90 mins 5x Card 540,- Euro

Large Group? Please contact me.

Do you still have questions? Contact me to arrange a free consultation.

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