Outdoor Yoga in Heidelberg

Outdoor Yoga in Heidelberg in the summers to a profound experience. Vinyasa and Meditation under the blue sky is inspiring and uplifting. Sessions are on Saturday Mornings at the Neckarwiese.

Experience of Lifetime

Outdoor Yoga offers a profound experience. In the meadow, we feel the contact with the earth, the warming rays of the Sun, wind on the skin and the vastness of the sky, hearing the chirping of the birds, and perceive the smells of the summer. 

The unique and most fun way to enjoy Yoga and feel connected with the self and the beautiful scenic Heidelberg Neckarwiese. 

The Location is easy to find, Uferstrasse, Neckarwiese Heidelberg. The Classes will be Every Week through-out the summer season plus some Pop-Up Yoga events.

Things to Remember for Outdoor Yoga in Heidelberg

  • Bring your mat/towel and water bottle 
  • You are wearing comfortable clothes 
  • Arrive at least 10 mins before the class
  • When the Weather is cold/ wet  (below 18°c), the class is automatically cancelled
  • When the Weather is too hot (extremly sunny) the class will shift to the shade under the tree
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Schedule & Address

August 2018 – 04, 18, 25

Uferstrasse, 69120 Heidelberg (Near Paddle Boat House)


 Support for €10,- per session.  

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