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It was beautiful summers, June 2015, when it all started – Yoga at the Neckarwiese and slowly formed as Yoga in Heidelberg community. With more than 1300 members, our community is growing stronger than ever.

We organise regular Meditation Sundays, donation based workshops, talks and events to connect Yoga teachers, students and like-minded people. Scroll below to find latest events and dates for our next appointments:

Meetup and Events

Meditation Meetup

Meditation Meetup

17 November 2019  | 15 December 2019

Meditation meetup bring together like-minded people. We gather to practice simple breath awareness meditation for short duration a few times. We discuss the subtle ideas and simple techniques to improve the quality of our meditation practice. 

We generally ends meditation with fruit-tea and a round of discussion with each other. We meet every 2nd or 3rd week of the month.  Join the Guest List to know the address and time for the meetup. 

Previous Meetup and Events

Meditation Meetup

20 October at 11:00

(please be there at least 10 mins earlier)

Free entry | signup required | 90 mins

Buddhist Meditation Centre Heidelberg

Vortrag | Talk

Fasten im Buddhismus und Hinduismus
Mittwoch, 16.10.2019, 19:00 Uhr

Fasten oder Heilfasten, früher oft belächelt oder sogar als unsinnig verschrien, ist zurzeit „angesagt“. Dazu haben neuere Forschungsergebnisse beigetragen, mit denen die Heilwirkung des Fastens bei vielen Krankheiten belegt wird. usw…

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