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Are you breathing enough?  It reminds you to bring your awareness on your breathing Deep breathing makes mind to stay alert, present and calm. Deep breathing is very important in Yoga and Meditation.

Along with the science of Yoga, breathing is a detailed science explained as Pranayama. Yoga and Tantra relate breath with the moon and the sun explained as the feminine and masculine psyche elements in a human.

Yogis understand the importance of breathing on your physical, mental and spiritual well-being. According to Ayurveda, People with shallow breathing have poor digestion. Poor digestion leads to many kinds of diseases.

 how are breathing now

  1. Short and shallow breathing: It exhibits anxiety and impatience in a person that could lead to stress and passive aggression.
  2. Short and rapid breathing: It exhibits impatience and aggression in form of negative and compulsive emotions such as anger, fear, jealousy and resentment.
  3. Shallow slow and fast breathing: It exhibits the uncontrolled emotions for a habit, such as smoking, addiction to Facebook/ Smartphone.

Observe your breathing and consciously control it deep inhalation, retention of breath inside for a few second and exhalation for longer leads to a calmer mind.

helpful Breathing exercises to adopt

Deep inhale and slower exhale: This simple breathing will enhance your focus, brings a relaxed state of mind. Helps you to become focused and think clearer.

Deep inhale, keep the breath in and exhale slower: With a gradual practice of this breathing, you will reduce a stress and chronic headache. This breathing can also help you to sleep faster and deeper.

Belly breathing: A natural way of breathing. Observe a child how they breathe so deep in their belly have a rise of the stomach. This breathing brings “superhuman” capabilities in you. You will be in a state of flow and confident.

Remember “deep” or Normal breathing is not Pranayama. Once you get better in your breathing, only then you can reap the fruits of practising Yoga, mindfulness or concentration. One can also get to a meditative state once you have perfected your breathing and practising Pranayama.

We cannot have mastery breathing overnight, keep a conscious look out on how you are breathing and gently control and deepen it.

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